Counterfeit Cosmetics and Topicals Can Cause Severe Harm

24/7 Protection Against Counterfeits, MAP Violators, and Unauthorized Sellers. One Flat Monthly Fee


Strategic Protection. Integrated Enforcement. One Low Monthly Fee. 

We Protect Your Consumers and Your Brand Reputation.

Counterfeit Cosmetics and Topicals are not a victim-less crime. FRS Partner, Jeff Schick, began his career in the animal health industry, as the child of two veterinary dermatologists. Jeff saw firsthand the danger animals face from counterfeit topicals. Now, as a lawyer, Jeff is helping leading cosmetic companies and topical manufacturers protect their brands from counterfeit risks, MAP violators, grey market diverters, parallel importers, and unauthorized sellers. 


Technology + Legal Tools + eCommerce Strategy

Integrated Managed Enforcement Solution

24/7 Monitoring Technology

We monitor constantly for your products across the web, including all major marketplaces and online retailers. When we spot a violation, such as a MAP violation, unauthorized seller, or potential counterfeit, our team of lawyers is alerted so that our law firm can take swift action.

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We Help Stop Diversion

Our Managed Enforcement Program is built to protect your consumers and your brand. We know that many times, products sold by unauthorized sellers start their journey in authorized channels. Therefore, we have designed our program to ensure that supply chain holes are located and closed, so that you can eliminate diversion and focus on the real threat: counterfeit products. By utilizing this approach, we help permanently remove unauthorized sellers, and end the diversion problem once and for all.

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Graduated Enforcement Program

We have the legal tools and expertise to help you stop unauthorized sellers. If efforts to stop diversion have not worked, or resellers continue to violate MAP policies, we can help you utilize the law to permanently remove unauthorized sellers.

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