We Protect Your Amazon Listing from Hijackers

24/7 Protection Against Listing Hijackers. One Flat Monthly Fee


Strategic Protection. Integrated Enforcement. One Low Monthly Fee. 

We Protect Your Listings and Your Brand Reputation. 

You’ve worked hard to build a private label brand, but hijackers can strike at any moment. Our eComGuardian service constantly monitors your Amazon listings, and we take swift action when we detect hijackers or counterfeit sellers. We work with Amazon to permanently remove hijackers, and keep them from harming your brand. 


Did You Know?

Amazon Hijackers Can Drive Up Your PPC Ad Spend and Cause Negative Reviews

Amazon Listing Hijackers not only steal the buy box from you, but they can also be responsible for causing negative reviews if they ship inferior products to customers. When your product has negative reviews, your product rank may fall, resulting in higher advertising spend requirements for you to market your products.

Technology + Legal Tools + eCommerce Strategy

Integrated Managed Enforcement Solution

24/7 Monitoring Technology

We monitor constantly for your private label products across the web, including all major marketplaces and online retailers. When we spot a violation, such as a hijacker or potential counterfeit, our team of lawyers is alerted so that our law firm can take swift action.

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You’re a Great Seller, and You Need A Great Legal Team

Our Managed Enforcement Program is built from the ground-up for removing listing hijackers. Many sellers try to send their own C&D letters to other sellers to scare them off, but they do so via the Buyer-Seller Messaging System. Not only is this approach not effective, but it does not often achieve the desired result. We message sellers on their personal (and work emails), and also send C&D letters that are written by our lawyers directly to them. By utilizing this approach, we help permanently remove unauthorized sellers, and end the diversion problem once and for all.

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Graduated Enforcement Program

We have the legal tools and expertise to help you stop hijackers. If your efforts to stop hijackers have not worked, allow our legal team to help you utilize the law to permanently remove unauthorized sellers.

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