About Jeff Schick

eCommerce Attorney dedicated to helping Brand Owners and Private Label Sellers protect their online presence. My focus is on helping animal health and life science brands and private label sellers develop and implement effective Amazon and eCommerce brand protection strategy, with a 360-degree focus on their business. My practice areas include eCommerce Strategy, Brand Protection & Enforcement, IP Protection, Amazon suspensions, Amazon listing hijacking prevention and enforcement, counterfeit protection, and Amazon strategy. In addition to my legal education, I am fortunate to have real-world experience with running a successful eCommerce business. I was fortunate to be able to build a multi-million dollar eCommerce business, and sold products both as an Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor. Combining my legal experience and eCom experience, I am helping brand owners and private label sellers develop and execute effective Amazon strategies and take control of their supply chain. Our firm helps brands control their Amazon presence, develop viable channel strategies, create legally-compliant MAP policies, monitor and enforce MAP / authorized distribution policies, and ensure that counterfeit products do not enter the supply chain. Through our legal team’s diverse background, we are able to help companies of all sizes develop and execute eCom/Amazon strategies, help with Amazon best practices for avoiding account suspensions (and help with reinstatements), assist with sales and income tax issues, and we offer a full-service patent and trademark IP law practice.